5 Benefits of Buying Organic Meat


  1. Organic meat has no antibiotics or hormones
  2. Organic meat is leaner and contains more protein and Omega fatty acids
  3. Organic meat is better for the environment
  4. Organic meat is healthier for the people
  5. Organic meat is better for the animal health

Organic meat has no antibiotics or hormones

The animals, before they were slaughtered for meat, have not been given any antibiotics or hormones that are typical in factory-farmed animals slaughtered for regular, non-organic meal. The animals in factory farms have been filled with all these chemicals that are made to increase their resistance to illnesses, and to abnormally alter their bodies to gain more body mass. Animals in an organic farm were only fed with organic feeds, and these feeds were also grown without the addition of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any animal byproducts, which are also harmful to animals and people as well. Buying organic meat ensures it does not contain any added chemicals, and is better for health.

Organic meat is leaner and contains more protein and nutrients

Since animals weren’t exposed to any chemicals, they are generally healthier, and their meat contains less fat because they weren’t injected with growth hormones to make them larger and fatter. Organic meat contains more omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and is a richer source of protein than non-organic meat. If you’re into high-protein, clean-eating diets such as the Paleo diet, organic, grass-fed meat is the best choice for red meat. Other reported benefits in terms of nutrients include Vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Organic meat is better for the environment

Organic farms are more conscious about the soil’s health, as the soil affects the quality of the organic feeds that are being fed to the animals. They use methods such as crop rotation to ensure that the soils nutrients aren’t depleted, and are regularly nourished, and that the crops aren’t forced to grow out of season. It is also worth noting that typical factory farms are the number 1 cause of global warming and pollution in the world. Sustainable, organic farms, on the other hand, are more responsible towards their impact on the environment, and thus they uphold efforts that aim to minimize these harmful effects and to produce less waste and pollution.

Organic meat is healthier for people

The chemicals that are being fed to the animals have a way into entering the bodies of the people who eat them. Growth hormones, and other chemicals found in typical factory-farmed animals make their way into humans’ bodies and has been scientifically proven to cause cancer and a long list of diseases. Since organic meat was fed with organic feeds, eating only organic will help reduce your risk for serious diseases, such as diabetes, infertility, allergies, obesity, endometriosis, and much more.

Purchasing organic meat as opposed to factory-farmed meat can also mean that the meat you buy has less chances of having the notorious E.coli, a foodborne illness common in factory-farmed meat. Sustainable, organic farms are more conscious about food safety practices and cleanliness. Since they yield less meat and are generally smaller than factory farms, their facilities are cleaner and contain less risk for contamination. As for the farm workers, organic farms provide a much healthier workplace environment compared to factory farms, as organic farm workers are not exposed to mass accumulation of waste and pollution, as well as harmful chemicals administered to the animals in factory farms.

Organic meat is better for the animal health

Grass-fed meat is better for the cows because cows aren’t really supposed to be eating grains, but grass. Grass is healthier and is the natural diet of cows, so organic, grass-fed meat is much healthier and contains more nutrients and protein. Grass-fed also means that the animal had access to grazing fields, which improves their quality of life in terms of animal welfare, as opposed to if they were raised inside a factory farm where they don’t get access to grass, and are confined to their small, barren and concrete pens where they are exposed to many diseases and endure stress.

While animals are still slaughtered and suffered as the end product being organic meat, purchasing organic is a tad bit better if you are concerned about animals and their welfare, as they have been given a better quality of life. Animals in organic farms had the chance to live in better situations that allow for them to endure less suffering and cruelty.


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