Tips For Your Spring BBQ & April Meat Specials

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As the weather gets warmer, more BBQs are coming out of storage! We love spring BBQs because it gives us the chance to enjoy the fresh spring air and gorgeous Vancouver scenery while grilling up some of our premium meats! Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when preparing for your spring BBQ this season.


Spring BBQ Tips

Know When To Barbecue and When To Grill

Not sure what the difference is between barbecuing and grilling? A barbecue is done over wood or charcoal, and there is no propane involved. This is a good technique for doing large roasts, and it leaves the meat with a smoky charcoal flavour. However, this method can take a long time depending on the size of your roast. For example, a pork shoulder can take up to 14 hours to properly barbecue! Grilling, however, is what you do with a steak of a burger. The heat is higher and is done with a propane or gas barbecue.


Practice Makes Perfect for Marinades

It matters how long you leave your marinade in for your meat. The acid in typical marinades, which is a combination of oil and acid to infuse flavour into the meat, can make your meat “mushy” if left in for too long. Usually a couple of hours in a marinade before cooking is sufficient for most meats. Get creative this summer with different types of marinades! We recommend trying some of Market Meats’ rubs and sauces, like our Gluten-Free Texas Steak Sauce or our Fire & Flavour French Sea Salt with Herbs rub. You can also experiment with our oils and vinegars, like our Frantola Extra Virgin Olive Oil or our Romantica Balsamic Vinegar.


Let the Meat Rest

When barbecuing, the meat should be left to rest. This prevents the meat from bleeding and gives it time to really soak in the delicious flavour of your rubs or sauces. When sliced, rested meat will look super juicy and enticing.


April Specials At Market Meats

Come down to Market Meats to find the perfect premium meat products for your spring BBQ. Our Market Meats specials this month include a selection of delicious meats and sauces perfect to enjoy in the spring weather.

  • Local Fresh Free-range Lamb
  • Double Smoked Ham
  • In-House Slow-Roasted Deli meats
  • Ready-To-Eat Porketta
  • Marinated Chicken Wings
  • Lush PEI Grasslands Ribeye or New York Steak
  • Gluten-Free Taecas Longhorn BBQ and Steak Sauce
  • Ray’s Famous Killer Korean Ribs
  • Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Pinwheel Steaks
  • Killer Giller Buffalo Burgers
  • Boneless Handcut Maui Ribs
  • Rare and Exotic Japanese Wagyu Beef


Those are just some of the premium meats we have on special at Market Meats! For our full list of specials, view our Specials page, call us at (604) 737-0905, or visit us in store! See you soon!