Best Butcher Shop In Vancouver

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What makes us the best butcher shop in Vancouver?

1. Convenient and Local

Centrally located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Va

ncouver, Market Meats is your go-to, gourmet butcher shop. Not only are we close located close to you, but our products are all from our local neighbourhood as well. Our high-end products continually feature premium, locally-sourced, organic ingredients that are consistent top sellers in our community.

2. Fresh, Top-Quality, and Diverse Selection

We specialize in providing top-quality, fresh, and delicious meats, ready-made meals, and rubs and sauces. Among our range of meats, poultry, and seafood, you’ll also find house-made sausages, specialty items, marinades, and dressings. We are always inspired by different sources and love to showcase our finest, creative cuts and seasonal offerings in our Kitsilano butcher shop.

3. Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We are an experienced butcher shop, and can consult on orders, requests, or customizations you may require ensuring you’re getting the product and quality that you desire. The service you receive at Market Meats is top-notch and unforgettable. Our entire Kitsilano butcher shop staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable, so be sure to ask us for dinner recommendations tonight!

At Market Meats, we’re so proud to be members of such a thriving and welcoming community who love our products almost as much as we do. Come and see us in-store today and find out why we’re the best Vancouver butcher around! Call us today at (604) 737-0905.