Good Eats, No Time At All

As we enter the rainy season, we leave behind the patio drinks and eats and opt for takeaways and eating in. This doesn’t have to be as dreary as it sounds. There is no reason to sacrifice on getting quality food!

Whether it’s a meal just for you or a dinner party not too far off on the horizon, Market Meats has the best meat solutions for you. Our ready-made meals are prepared to perfection and are exactly what you need after a long day at work, when you are just too tired to fix up a meal. We offer a variety of meat cuts and flavourings and only use the highest quality meats, so you know you’re getting the best from Market Meats. Not sure if you want steak or lamb yet? No problem. Peruse our ready-made options to figure out your meat craving! Still debating on the appetizers for your dinner party? We have a bunch to delicious choices to choose from!

Fall into this season the right way. Here at Market Meats, we live, breathe and understand meat.

If you have any questions about what to serve at your next dinner party or suggestions for your next takeaway, don’t hesitate to ask us! Come by our Kitsilano butcher shop or give Market Meats a call today at (604) 737-0905.