What is your food eating?

You might hear some butchers talking about grain-fed beef compared to grass-fed, but what is the difference? It’s all meat right? As it turns out, grain-fed beef can taste very different from grass-fed beef, and one is not necessarily as nutritious as the other. At Market Meats, the friendly staff inside our Kitsilano butcher shop are always happy to answer your questions and provide top quality cuts for your dinner table.

The Nutrition Cycle

Cows naturally graze on leafy greens like grass, it’s their natural diet. So cattle that are forced to eat grain often suffer from poor nutrition which can affect their overall health and, ultimately, the taste of the meat. Because grass-fed beef usually contains more saturated fats, a diet of grass is not only better for the cow, it makes the meat more nutritious for people too. You can find top quality organic products at Vancouver’s Best Butcher: Market Meats in Kitsilano!

Environmental Impact

It’s probably safe to say most people don’t think about the environmental impact of their food. In fact, grass-fed cows are not only healthier, they’re also better for the environment. On the other hand, fossil fuels, antibiotics, and pesticides are used to grow grains and corn which the cows then consume. This causes a greater impact on the environment and the taste of the beef.

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