Shop Local at Vancouver’s Best Butcher

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about the importance of ‘buying local’ to promote the stability of jobs and economic conditions in our community. What is often lost in these conversations is that local businesses may be better positioned to provide the best possible service to their community. When it comes to buying quality meats, there is a direct connection between shopping at your local Vancouver butcher shop and getting better, fresher cuts.


Unlike the deli counter at your typical grocery store, all of our meats are fresh. We are obsessed with making sure we provide the best quality meats to all of our customers. The friendly butchers at Market Meats are always happy to offer tasty recipe ideas and provide the best cuts for your dinner table. Our loyal customers love our delicious selection of rubs and sauces, quality meats, and ready-made meals to satisfy any taste.


Get your fresh, quality meats from your local Vancouver butcher shop, Market Meats. Not only are we the convenient option for residents of Kitsilano, we also provide unparalleled service which has earned us the honour of being named Vancouver’s Best Butcher for two years in a row. We’re also in the process of developing an online ordering system so that our customers can shop from the comfort of home. It’s just one of the many ways we are continuing to provide excellent service to our community.

When it comes to quality meats, shopping local isn’t a compromise, it’s the best option! Market Meats is your friendly neighbourhood butcher shop providing friendly, personalized service and top-quality meats your whole family will love. Get to know your local butcher shop in Vancouver, stop by Market Meats today!