Chicken is Delicious

Who doesn’t like chicken? Chicken is a great tender white meat that often serves as the main course in the meal, as a secondary dish, as a snack, and can be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We love chicken so much that it’s the second most eaten meat in the world at several billion chickens consumed per year. We even have a saying that everything tastes like chicken. So yes, chicken is a beloved source of meat that is a mainstay of people’s meals.

That’s why when you’re looking for what to have for dinner, it’s a good idea to stop by our butcher shop in Kitsilano to pick up our chicken wings. At Market Meats, we know that having good meat is the backbone of having a great meal, so that’s why our freshly sourced chicken is always of the highest quality. For extra flavor, look through our stock of marinades, oils, and vinegars and spice up your meal with that extra bit of taste.

When you’re not sure what exactly to get or you want tips on how to cook a specific meal, like chicken wing recipes, our staff is happy to help. You can simply ask one of our trained staff members and we’ll be happy to help you pick out your assortment of meats. We can give you tips on how to properly cook your meat so that you can maximize its flavor. We love meats, so we are happy to share our passion for fresh, delicious meat with you.

Market Meats is located in Kitsilano and brings fresh, delicious meat across Vancouver.