Try Our Delicious Take-Home Meals

During the day, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to make yourself a full, hearty dinner. This is true especially if you’ve been working all day. When you go home, it’s tempting to just sit down and catch up with your Netflix shows, but you need to eat something when dinner time comes. That’s why it pays to pay your local Kitsilano butchers a visit. We can help provide you with the materials you need for that delicious meal that you’ll be remembering the day after.

At Market Meats, our wide selection of meat products come from only the freshest, gourmet meats. Handmade to perfection, our sausages and stocks are excellent for a quick meal. But we don’t just sell the materials for a meal. We carry a wide variety of meals ready to serve. From rotisserie chicken to prime rib finger bones, each of our ready-made meals are mouthwatering and are complete meals by themselves. Simply pick them up, take them home, and eat them immediately. You can add supplementary dishes to improve your dinner experience, but the meals stand up on their own. Made from our fresh, high quality meat, you can serve yourself a gourmet meal that your stomach and taste buds will thank you for later. In fact, you may even have leftovers for the next day. That’s just icing on the cake, if you ask us.

At Market Meats, we specialize in serving high quality meats, ranging from pork to chicken to beef, all locally-sourced and organic. We are proud to serve Vancouver as a butcher shop that values quality above everything.

Market Meats is located in Kitsilano.