Why You Should Buy From a Butcher

Sometimes, it’s tempting to simply buy all your meat at the supermarket. It’s easy, in a convenient location, and saves you the extra trip that you need to make specifically to get your meat. However, we think that the extra trip is well worth the trouble, especially because of the benefits that you can get from getting your meat from a locally sourced butcher shop.

Here are a few reasons why it’s better to purchase your meat at a butcher shop instead of at the supermarket:

We love animals as much as you do. At Market Meats, we understand the importance of life. After all, we work with meat all day. That’s why when you come to our store, you’ll see the respect we have for animals. Our meat is locally-sourced, organic, and of top-quality. We understand that a creature gave its life to feed us, and therefore no part of it is wasted. Our butchers make premium cuts, and turn every part of the animal into something we can use. These animals are our livelihood, so we want to make sure we don’t waste them.

Butchers offer better selection and quality. While nowadays a supermarket’s selection can be wide and dazzling, it still cannot beat a butcher shop. Walk into our shop and you’ll find cuts and types that you won’t find elsewhere. You can also be sure that the meat will have been humanely slaughtered, properly cut, and stored.

We strive for only the best service. Since meat is our business, you can be sure we know the ins and outs of preparing and cooking it. We want the meats you purchase to be the best thing you’ve ever had for dinner, so we’ll help suggest cuts that you may enjoy and offer suggestions on how to prepare it. In addition, to improve our service, we also offer all sorts of supplements to make an even tastier meal, such as stocks, oils, and vinegars. It’s everything for your meat in a single, convenient location.

You’ll help support a local business. We strive to be the best butchers in Vancouver. When you buy meat from us, you’ll also be helping support local farmers and businesses, rather than large meat manufacturers and distributors, which is where unethical meat tends to come from. With your support, we can continue to provide the top-notch service, bringing you the best meats from humane, organic sources.

Buying from butchers puts perspective for where you meat comes from. We know from our exposure to meat just how valuable it is, and how to appreciate it properly. When you buy from us, or any butcher shop, you’ll not only be getting better meats, but you’ll learn the same perspective as us, which makes the meat that you eat even better.

Market Meats is located in centrally in Kitsilano.