Market Meats Testimonials

market meat testimonials vancouver

At our Kitsilano butcher shop, we value the opinions and remarks of our supportive and friendly customers! Take a look at some of the kind words they’ve had to say over the years in these testimonials:

Market Meats is excellent! The staff are always friendly. Great quality meats and good, friendly service.

Deanna B.

Wow, could these guys ever teach other retailers how to treat their customers!  Been shopping here for years and it is consistently fantastic service, no waiting, knowledgable and pleasant!  A rarity! Great meats and selection….well worth the slightly higher prices.

Irene S.

Market Meats has a great selection and super friendly service!


Friendly, knowledgable staff and a great selection of raw and marinaded meats.  The Maui beef kebabs are great, as are the beef burgers which they will make to order (e.g. smaller patties for the kids).  Their beef and lamb are great.  I have a weakness for the pepperoni sold at the checkout.  I have no idea why they sell fruit gums but those are good too.

Thom N.

Have been going here for a couple of years now.  Awesome selection of meats and poultry. What makes this place stand out is their service. It is stellar. Good genuine service. Something that is so hard to find these days!!


Best butcher shop I have found. Staff is very friendly and most helpful. Everything you could want. Best steaks (PEI Rib eye)!

Arthur M.

I always receive excellent service when I come to Market Meats. I recommend you to my family and friends all the time!

Mary C.

I placed an advanced order of prime rib, chicken breasts, and lamb popsicles, and when I came to pick it up, everything was ready to go and exactly to order. The friendly service is excellent and you guys are very accommodating. Market Meats is a great neighbourhood place!

Brianna K.

As always, very pleasant, friendly, and quick. The sliced smoked turkey breast is my favourite! Everything is excellent quality, from the staff to the great atmosphere.

Gretchen D.

I love Market Meats because the quality of meat is excellent and the staff is ver knowledgeable. It’s always a pleasure to come in the store!

Rebecca K.

I’m really picky when it comes to my meat. I was a vegetarian for many years and I am really sensitive to the quality and freshness of my meat. I love Market Meats because I can be that picky and still find what I need and it tastes amazing without breaking the bank. They do have slightly higher prices than some of the other butchers in town but everything is fresh, local and the staff know everything there is to know about meat.

Emily P.

They know me by name, they get to know your likes and dislikes, they’ve got amazing bison, musk ox, and other large non-cow ungulates. Giddyap.

Eric L.

The staff is knowledgable and courteous — they know their product, and are happy to provide advice if you don’t know how to cook a particular cut of meat (just ask them).

Greg C.

I love this store so much! Always a fantastic environment.

Lynda L.

Not cheap but you will walk out with a great cut of meat. The staff are very knowledgeable and they are happy to help with cooking instructions and recommendations for rubs and marinades.


My experience with Market Meats has been perfect! I absolutely love the veal osso bucco and demi-glaze you guys sell. You have such great meat choices and an amazing staff.

Maureen M.

My experience with Market Meats has been awesome with every visit. I’ve had the whole chicken, chicken breasts, sliced meats and cheeses, beef roasts, steaks, and sausages. Everything has been incredible! You have a great selection and I definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Your staff is great…they’re knowledgeable and friendly! Plus, the shop always smells great!

Todd H.

Excellent, as usual. They always provide a quality product with value added such as in the stuffed pork tenderloin and chicken parm. Delicious!

Mark T.

My experience at Market Meats is always good, very polite, friendly, helpful staff! Keep up the  good work. Excellent quality!

Alison R.

It’s hard to find a butcher shop that is friendly, has an awesome selection, and has lots of local products.  All the meats we buy from Market Meats have been of great quality.

Angela C.

The New York strips the butcher suggested were some of the best we have eaten, anywhere. And we are from Iowa, where we brag on our beef.  The cuts were triple aged Angus, and now She knows that it does make a difference.


Great quality and lovely people!


Perfectly professional, as always. I love the selection!


My friends and family are in love with the Spatch Cocked Chickens from here. I usually buy two at a time and bring them home, put them on the rotisserie for 40 minutes and let the BBQ go to work. Because they do have the back cut out making them butterflied you will have to truss them up to get them on the spit. Luckily they will give you some butchers string, soak before using, and one metal skewer will do the job. Also love their rib eye steaks, cruz lime pork chops and the ground meatball mix makes great burgers. A little pricey but worth the splurge.

Ed K.

I always have a great experience at Market Meats, it’s always fun. You have great meat with “provenance” friendly service! I especially love the chicken breasts, cold meats, and minced pork.

Michelle C.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends, Market Meats is just excellent!

Tabs S.

Market Meats always has the best selection and service with great, fresh products. Keep it up!

Pam M.

I buy all my meat from here. I shop every Monday and just love the atmosphere at Market Meats. The staff is friendly, experienced, and always available to give the best customer service. Great food, great service, great prices!

Holly K.